Tongxiang leather printer user Mr.Zhong

       Tongxiang leather printer user Mr. Zhong has been engaged in the leather shoe material processing industry for many years. He has a relatively large leather shoe material processing factory in Tongxiang. Leather shoe material is a difficult material to print. Its printing process has silk screen printing and roller printing. , Sublimation, thermal transfer and other processes, and requires a lot of manual operations in the printing process.


        After understanding on the Internet, Mr. Zhong learned that there is a leather printer in Hangzhou clor. The leather printer is a coating-free printer and the printed leather is quite bright in color, the color is very reducible, and the color is very fast. There is no need to do any additional processing before and after printing, which is exactly what Zhong Zhong used to lack.

        A month ago, Mr. Zhong came to our Hangzhou Kale, told us its needs, and brought samples for proofing, and wanted to see how it works. After a detailed conversation and evaluation of Mr. Zhong's printing market, we recommended a 2513 leather printer to him. Through our on-site proofing effect and various advantages of machinery and equipment, Mr. Zhong finally bought 2 2513 leather printer.

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