Jiangsu Suzhou Leather Printer user Mr.Zhang

         Mr. Zhang, a Suzhou leather printer user, is mainly a customer who prints all kinds of leather materials such as microfiber leather, canvas, synthetic leather, cow leather, and leather cases. Prior to this, the customer had been processing its own leather products in cooperation with us. But what I didn't expect was that the special products that we processed were very popular and very popular with consumers. Customers are very satisfied with our printing effect, pattern and quality. So in the end, I decided to start with a leather printer and produce it myself. This will not only increase the production capacity, but also get greater profits.


        Mr. Zhang tested the leather printer's speed and performance, printing accuracy, stability, adhesion and other aspects on the spot and felt very satisfied with it.

        After several hours of testing and negotiation, the final customer signed the order and purchased this pu leather printer. So what's the advantage of this device that Mr. Zhang chose?

        Hangzhou clor summarized the following points:

        1. There are many materials for pu leather printer printing, including: super-fiber leather, canvas, synthetic leather, cow leather, holster and other leather materials.

        2, using a special process: original 3D, 4D, embossed three-dimensional printing effect, increase added value.

        3, price quality: factory direct sales, wholesale prices to buy. All-steel structure is adopted to eliminate aluminum alloy body, which is easy to change and age.

        4, intelligent printing: one person, one computer can complete the entire printing process.

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