Nanjing Mobile Shell Printer user Mr.Yang

        Mr. Yang, a mobile phone case printer in Nanjing, is a manufacturer specializing in making mobile phone cases for different mobile phone models in Nanjing. According to Mr. Yang, it was an accidental opportunity to talk about a cooperation project with a fellow friend, and then they saw that they were using our mobile phone case printer in their factory, and found that the mobile phone case printed by our printer was not only fast and color Very beautiful, the printed pattern has very good precision, and the lines are delicate. The scratch resistance is also very good. After seeing it, Mr. Yang liked it very much.

Nanjing Mobile Shell Printer user Mr.Yang

        According to a friend of Mr. Yang's introduction, I know that it is our production equipment of Hangzhou clor-mobile phone case printer. Through friend introduction and online understanding, I have been in touch with our company since then. Through telephone communication and sample feedback, we have reached customers Satisfaction and recognition, they came directly to our company to inspect and order equipment.

        So why did Mr. Yang choose our mobile phone case printer in Hangzhou clor?

        Reason one: First of all, from the perspective of our production equipment, the design of the mobile phone case printer is simple and convenient, the operation is simple and convenient, and the design is completely humane and scientific. There are three types of print heads for users to choose from: Epson print heads, Seiko print heads, and Konica print heads. Follow the mainstream with an all-black design. The main buttons are arranged on the right side of the body, so from the front, the appearance of the panel looks very simple, and the lines are simple and neat.

        Reason two: The production equipment is simple to operate. One staff member and one computer device can complete the entire printing process. The original 3D, 4D, and relief three-dimensional printing effect is used to increase the added value. The daily output can reach more than 10,000, and the single cost is less than 3 Dime. It can be seen that the cost is low.

        Reason three: Excellent after-sales service. Customers who work with us know that Hangzhou clor has always put the interests of customers and after-sales service in the first place. Customer first is our philosophy, so for after-sales service, we provide free 1-year on-site maintenance of equipment, free replacement of parts for 3 years, and life-long remote video and telephone technical guidance services. So it has always been trusted by customers.

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