Pingyang Universal Printer Users Mr. Chen

        Mr. Chen, a universal printer from Zhejiang Pingyang, provides pattern printing on shoe buckles, soles, shoelaces, shoe labels and other large shoe companies such as Red Dragonfly, Mu Linsen, and Woodpecker. Previously, the water transfer process was complicated, and required more labor. The cost is high, and a new printing process is needed to reduce the current printing cost.


        Zhejiang Pingyang Universal Printer Chen total enterprise is a large company with more than 200 employees. There are five or six domestic manufacturers of shoe flat printing universal flatbed printers, but then why does President Chen choose Hangzhou Kale equipment?

       First of all: Pingyang County and the surrounding cities and counties already use a lot of equipment from Hangzhou Kale. President Chen himself went to Kale's customers to see the equipment on the spot. With friends' strong recommendation, he drove directly to our company to inspect and order equipment.

       Second: The site effect is very satisfactory. Regardless of the adhesion, color fastness, waterproofness, etc. of the pattern after the equipment is printed, the technicians at the site Chen are fully satisfied with the operability and maintenance of the equipment.

        Finally: The after-sales service is trustworthy. From the scene of Hangzhou Kale customers, we know that Hangzhou Kale's after-sales service to customers is timely, fast, patient and professional. In addition, in the terms of the contract, it clearly states the detailed after-sales of each component, so that the customer No worries.

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