Wenzhou children's shoe printer user Mr.Xiang

       Mr. Xiang, a user of Wenzhou children's shoes printer, specializes in printing children's shoes for eleven years. Material range for children's shoes: cow leather, pig leather, sheep leather, fox leather, rabbit leather, PVC leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, nubuck, imitation leather, double fleece, space leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather , Horse leather, crocodile leather, fur leather, donkey leather, kangaroo leather, special leather, breathable leather, suede, microfiber suede and other children's shoes.

Wenzhou children's shoe printer user Mr.Xiang

        A large company that integrates material processing, processing, printing, shoemaking, packaging, outflow, logistics and logistics for children's shoes, with more than 300 employees. So why did Xiang always choose Hangzhou Kale-Children's Shoes Printing Machine?

        First of all: there are many local and nearby counties using Hangzhou clor's equipment. After watching the scene, I was very satisfied with the printing speed and accuracy. With friends' strong recommendation, I came directly to our company to inspect and order equipment.

       Second: The printing effect on site is very satisfactory. Xiang Zong brought his own pattern and more than a dozen different children's shoes materials to test, whether it is adhesion, color fastness, waterproofness, pull-out, etc., are very satisfied, this is also the core factor for ordering our equipment.

        Finally: The after-sales service is trustworthy. I learned from the customer site of Hangzhou clor that clor's after-sales service to customers is timely, fast, patient, and professional. In addition, in the terms of the contract, the detailed after-sales of each component is clearly specified, so that customers have no worries .

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