Shandong uv printer user Mr. Tian

          Shandong uv printer user Mr. Tian is a 30-year-old digital product printing company CEO. In Shandong, the factory has nearly 6 layers of electronic product housing printing.

Shandong uv printer user Mr. Tian

       With the trend of personalization and fashion, more and more young people like to print the characters in the game, favorite stars and so on in their U disk, mobile phone case, keyboard, etc., Tian is keenly aware. In the huge market, after the introduction of friends, I learned that clor is a equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of digital products, and then drove directly to investigate.

After detailed calculation of the printing speed, printing precision, printing effect and cost of the 2513uv printer, it is considered that this method is feasible and worth investing. After one hour of commercial negotiation, two TUs of Toshiba nozzles were ordered. printer. Compared to the orifice diameter of the Ricoh g7PL, the Toshiba ce4m nozzle has only 5PL. The accuracy is improved by 50%, and the printed pattern is more beautiful.

       Uv personalized printing this process in recent years, it is very popular to customize all kinds of patterns in the shell of digital electronic products. For example, the original mobile phone case of 5 cents, after the surface color printing, the market price can reach 10 yuan, 15 yuan. The profit margin is quite rich.

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