Jiangsu uv printer user Mr. Tang

Thanks to the Jiangsu uv printer Mr. Tang from afar, during the communication process of the past one month, our company specially carried out the perfect solution for the high temperature resistance, stretching and non-fading requirements of the total material of the soup, and reached the Mr. Tang. Total demand.

Jiangsu uv printer user Mr. Tang

Tang always contacted many other uv flatbed printer manufacturers before, but they were unable to meet the requirements due to their low level of technology. Later, after contacting Müller, the problem was completely solved, and a uv2513 printer was ordered. Thank you for your support, we will give you your trust in our company with sincere service.

The UV printer pattern can withstand high temperatures up to 220°. Even if the northern winter heats the surface of the film, it will not worry about the pattern falling off, falling off, and cracking the phenotype. At the same time, it has excellent weather resistance, ensuring that it will not fade after being placed outdoors for 8-10 years.

The soft uv ink can solve the cracks after pattern stretching, folding and blistering. The advantages of this piece are also applied to materials such as trolley cases, luggage boxes, and metal tea boxes. Over the years, uv printing has gradually replaced various traditional processes and penetrated into various industries, and its printed products are full of all aspects of our lives. Here, I also wish that the Jiangsu uv printer Mr. Tang business is booming and the financial resources are rolling.

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