uv flatbed printer towline

       UV flatbed printer towline, commonly known as "tank chain", is suitable for occasions of reciprocating motion. It can play a role in traction and protection of built-in cables and water pipes. It is widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment and other fields.

uv flatbed printer towline

       There are two types of imported and domestically produced on the market. Each brand of UV flatbed printer manufacturers will choose according to their own needs. Generally, high-quality energy chains are used on industrial equipment or high-end machines.

The X-axis and Y-axis of the entire UV flatbed printer use silent e-chains. In addition to protecting the circuit from being easily worn, it will be relatively stable during operation and low noise. Bend back or forth during operation to maximize the protection of the wiring harnesses inside, including water pipes. Each towline can be disassembled, just need to open one side for later maintenance, replace the things that need to be replaced, and re-close it for normal use.

       The energy chain is a component with a very low damage rate and failure rate in the entire equipment. In daily maintenance, you need to be careful not to drop hard objects into the gap of the energy chain, and keep the surface cleaning once every two months or so. .

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