Number and distribution of Toshiba UV flatbed printer manufacturers

         The number of Toshiba UV flatbed printer manufacturers is relatively small in China. So far, there are less than 10 in total. Of course, the number of agents and the following branches adds up to about 30. Mainly distributed in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan. If you are close to that city, you may visit the site directly.

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        Compared to Ricoh printheads, Epson printheads, and Seiko printheads, the number of manufacturers is very small, mainly because Toshiba printheads have not risen on UV flatbed printers for a long time, and they have gradually been introduced to the market from 16 years. They have slowly become popular in 2017 stand up. Many users are still cautious about the equipment of this nozzle.

        Judging from the characteristics of the Toshiba printhead, this is a 5PL printhead with high accuracy, which is bound to print slower. Considering the speed requirements of printing companies in the market, five nozzles are used for low configuration, 8 nozzles for standard configuration, and 12-16 nozzles for high configuration. It is usually installed on a large format device. If the device is too small, the cost performance is not high.

       Common models are 1610 model UV printers, 2513 model printers, and 2533 model printers. It is considered that the accuracy of the nozzle is high. The rails have requirements. If the rails that have not been milled and the body of the aluminum profile structure have poor physical accuracy, even if the alignment is technically calibrated, there is a large deviation. The larger the UV flatbed printer, the higher the requirement. This also reminds the user to pay attention to these two details when inspecting the equipment of this nozzle.

       This nozzle UV flatbed printer has relatively low maintenance and replacement costs in the later period. The price of the nozzle is about 6,000. Compared with other industrial types, the price is generally more than 10,000. If it is a UV flatbed printer that pursues higher speed and higher stability, it is recommended to choose an industrial nozzle equipment with a price of more than 10,000 yuan.

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