2513 Toshiba UV printer price

       Looking at the 2513 Toshiba UV printer as a whole, the price ranges from 100,000 to 250,000. There are four main factors that cause this price change:


       1.Different channels

       Factory ex-factory price <agent price <end-user price. In order to save costs, most users will choose to go to the factory to inspect and order the machine, or to buy UV printers at the branch established by the manufacturer. However, there is also a round trip travel cost. If it is a manufacturer in this province or a neighboring province, it is better. If it is too far, choose a few local manufacturers carefully.

       2.Number of Toshiba print heads

       One Toshiba print head is 1 color, the standard configuration is 5 print heads, 4 colors plus 1 white. Of course, it can be added to 8 print heads, 12 print heads, 16 print heads, etc. In this case, in addition to the calculation of the price of the print heads, the system board fees and supporting upgrades will be charged separately. There will be tens of thousands of fluctuations.

       3.Other parts

       This is often a place that users tend to ignore. Screws, platforms, guide rails, motors and other components used by large brand manufacturers are often 50% more expensive than small brands. If these are added together, the 2513 Toshiba UV printer with the same configuration, It will be 2-4 million. This piece of advice suggests that users should not be greedy for cheap, otherwise the cost of post-maintenance will be much higher than this difference.

       4.Different sales strategies

       Some manufacturers will choose to include a one-time quotation to include equipment warranty costs, free onsite service costs, etc., and some manufacturers will only quote the price of a bare metal, so the difference between the two is obviously 2-4 million. However, the user's subconscious will think that after the purchase of equipment, after-sales service is required. As a result, in addition to the round-trip travel and labor costs, after-sales services also require the purchase of spare parts and consumables mandated by the manufacturer. This is also a place that many users who bought a cheap Toshiba UV printer cannot accept.

        At present, labor costs, rental costs, and raw material costs are constantly rising. Those who want to buy cheap ideas as soon as possible often ask the lowest price of the machine in the first sentence, and the transaction probability is almost zero. Because what they need is not a UV printer, but a cheap one. They still have to ask a lot of people until the cheapest one, so they become the main targets of scammers, and fakes are waiting for them.

        Those who really want to buy a UV printer will verify the quality and service, etc., to see if it suits their needs. In the future, the huge amount of information in the UV printer industry will make the industry more and more formal, and the price will become more and more transparent.

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