Toshiba UV printer daily maintenance methods

        First, the basic cleaning method of Toshiba UV printer


       Press the positive pressure cleaning button, and then wipe the nozzle surface with a special wiper or non-woven cloth.

       Two, Toshiba UV printer oblique spray / plug hole maintenance method

Cleaning procedure: Unscrew the rotary plug at the exhaust end of the nozzle, and wait until the ink in the ink tube and the nozzle has basically flowed out. Connect this ink tube to a 5μ filter, use a glass syringe to extract the special cleaning solution. After passing the 5μ filter, the cleaning solution is injected into the nozzle.

        While cleaning the nozzle, use a cotton swab / non-woven cloth to gently wipe the nozzle surface. The single nozzle cleaning time should not be too long. It should be rinsed for 5 seconds and then paused for 5 seconds. Follow this procedure when the cleaning liquid sprayed from the nozzle is no longer obvious Ink color, stop cleaning. After the above cleaning operation, the state of the shower head can generally be improved.

        3. Toshiba UV printer daily maintenance

        ①Be sure to print the state diagram of the print head every day before the print job and before shutting down to ensure that the print head status is normal.

        ② Prepare cleaning solution (dedicated), PE plastic wrap (30cm wide), and non-woven fabric.

        ③ Use a non-woven cloth to soak the cleaning solution, stick it under the spray head, and then wrap it with a plastic wrap and seal the spray head to avoid the plastic film slipping during the moisturizing period and causing the cleaning solution to dry out.

        24. Toshiba UV printer long-term shutdown maintenance (more than one week)

        ① Thoroughly clean the entire ink supply system with a cleaning solution.

        ② Maintain and maintain the print head in accordance with the short-term shutdown.

        Nozzle storage environment: temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃, humidity is 10 ~ 85% RH, avoid direct sunlight.

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