Tile printer manufacturers distribution and how to choose

        As of 2019, the number of tile printer manufacturers is still around 50, and there is not much change. It is mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangdong, Shenyang and other cities, but users will find it very strange that there are indeed two or three hundred brands in the market. The gap between these two data will grow larger in the future for three main reasons:

Tile printer manufacturers distribution and how to choose

        Select tile printer manufacturer

        I. Increase in agents

       Many companies in the advertising industry, such as cutting machines, engraving machines, or tile processing companies, etc., find business opportunities in tile printers and use the form of cooperation with manufacturers to maintain the original brand, but the machine is indeed the manufacturer To make money by selling machines for royalties. This type of machine often has many styles and quantities, but it has no core technology and after-sales service, which is equivalent to an intermediary.

        Increase in the number of branches

        Larger ceramic tile printer manufacturers have successively opened branches in first- and second-tier cities in recent years. Taking into account the market operation and brand promotion, the branch companies will also focus on the main brand and push some sub-brands. This kind is better. The original tile printer equipment and personnel, if you buy the equipment, the later service is more assured.

        Third, most agents engage in OEM

The water is very deep here, and many brands suddenly smashed advertisements to promote them. In addition to selling machines, they also attracted users to pay by attracting merchants to join. Equipment, usually in the form of OEM, let some ceramic tile printer manufacturers produce on their behalf, change the color and appearance. However, since there is no own technology, the after-sales service is not available. Most of these brands that rely on earning franchise fees and disappear one after another often exist for about one year.

      How to choose a tile printing manufacturer, two methods are enough:

      1. Check the business license to see if there are two words of production, see if there is such words as printer R & D, etc., and see its registered capital, change information, etc., and 80% of non-manufacturer brands can be filtered out.

      2. Ask a professional for advice. After you find the tile printer manufacturer, you can communicate with the market personnel of the manufacturer. After all, peers know more about their peers than others, so it is clear.

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