UV flatbed printers have extremely low ink irregularities

       In the daily use of equipment, it is inevitable that the ink from the UV flatbed printer will be extremely uneven, especially in the field of civil nozzles, and nozzles with small nozzle diameters. This situation is more likely to cause this problem There are three reasons:

UV flatbed printers have extremely low ink irregularities

       1.Climatic reasons

       When the outside temperature is too low or too high, it will cause the UV ink to condense, impaired fluidity, and abnormal volatilization. The external manifestation is that the ink from the nozzle is uneven and uneven.

       Solution: When the weather is hot in summer, add an air conditioner in the workshop to maintain ventilation. Do not place the UV flatbed printer in direct sunlight. When the temperature is cold in winter, turn on the heater and use a small sun to warm up the car or install a heater at the position of the nozzle ink outlet.

       Keep the UV flatbed printer between 15 ° -40 ° and humidity between 30% -70%.

       2, nozzle reason

       The nozzle orifice was blocked, which caused abnormal ink discharge, which caused broken needles and missing threads. It is necessary to perform ink pressure cleaning on the nozzle and observe whether there is a waterfall-like flowing line in the state of inkjet. If not, you need to clean the spray head with a cleaning solution. In severe cases, you need to remove the spray head and perform ultrasonic cleaning after soaking. If it does not work, you need to replace the nozzle. In the routine maintenance process, the state diagram of the print head needs to be printed out and observed every day.

       3.Ink supply system failure

       On many manually adjusted UV flatbed printer equipment, the negative pressure value is very easy to be too low and too high, which affects the normal flow of UV ink. When this happens, it is necessary to adjust the negative pressure even. If possible, you can directly upgrade the negative pressure system to avoid this situation.

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