Is the UV printer mature now?

        Regardless of industry, equipment performance, or application in different industries, the current UV printers have made great progress compared with previous years, but they are still immature by comparison with the traditional manufacturing industry. If 10 points is the standard, the UV printer industry is mature at the level of 4-5 points. The immature places are mainly manifested in four aspects:

Is the UV printer mature now?

       1. Immature industry

       The time from its creation to more than 10 years is still relatively short. The industry's standards, norms, and other corresponding systems have no clear provisions to restrict it, and the entire industry is still in the stage of free market competition. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more manufacturers have paid attention to quality certifications such as ISO and CE. Reduce the appearance of many bad products from the source of the equipment.

       2. Immature technology

       Mainly manifested in the four core areas of print head technology, board technology, print control software technology, and color software technology, most of which are imported from abroad, and the domestic independent research and development of this brand that lags behind foreign countries. Although some manufacturers have been able to compete with foreign first-line brands in the field of high-end UV printing, most domestic brands have remained at low and medium levels.

       3. The supporting technology is immature

       Although UV printers can print patterns on hundreds of different materials in different industries, taking into account indicators such as water resistance, friction resistance, and weather resistance required by the actual materials, the supporting coatings, varnishes, and UV inks themselves are all suitable. Immature. Can not meet the practical requirements of many materials in actual printing. When choosing to use the UV process to replace the previous printing process, make a full investigation and comparison.

        4. Companies and practitioners have mixed strengths and weaknesses

        Until now, there are still some refurbished and second-hand refits in the industry, which are good for customers who flicker. In addition, many small companies in the industry do not require the quality, culture, education, etc. of the personnel, which has caused a very chaotic situation. . It is not only reflected in the expansion and bragging of advertising effects, but also its one-sided and limited understanding of the equipment and industry. It sends a lot of wrong information to users, misleading many users to purchase inferior and poor equipment that does not meet their needs.

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