Rational view of uv flatbed printer

       The rational view of the uv flatbed printer is to enable the user to maintain an objective and calm analysis when selecting equipment. It can carefully calculate the cost, gain and loss, like accounting. First, we must have three mentalities:

Rational view of uv flatbed printer

       1.uv flatbed printer does not mean making money, just one of the very small factors

       Don't think that this kind of equipment is an artifact. Once you get it, you can eat it in the market. If it is, practitioners have already done it yourself. Making money is a simple result, but the process is complicated and tortuous. It involves the company's management, cost, personnel, upstream and downstream suppliers.

       2. uv flatbed printer is just a short version of digital printing equipment

      Don't look at it to print hundreds of materials, you can do a variety of 3d, 4d embossed stereo and so on. But in fact 95% has nothing to do with the individual. Users are subject to their own market, products, personnel, funds, etc., and the conventional only is to print a small number of materials.

       3.uv flatbed printers are often more important than advantages

       If you can't stand the shortcomings of the uv flatbed printer, even if it has a thousand advantages, it is useless to the user. But this shortcoming is different from person to person. For example, its uv printing cost is too high, its printing speed is too slow compared to silk screen printing, its maintenance is too troublesome, its pattern is not treated, the contact collision is easy to fall off, it is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, etc. Wait. These shortcomings depend on whether the user can accept it.

      Secondly, the uv flatbed printer that suits itself is good. This also depends on three aspects:

      1. Cost: It mainly refers to whether it can optimize the process of the user before, such as saving labor, material printing and other expenses or referring to the market price of the finished product and the profit margin.

      2, the price: it refers to the uv flatbed printer within its own budget, otherwise more than 2 million imported machines, is good in all aspects, but more than 90% of users will not buy.

      3. Maintenance: Mainly refers to the maintenance costs of consumables and parts in the later period. Under normal circumstances, the more expensive the uv flatbed printer, the later maintenance cost is doubled compared with the ordinary machine (refer to the total price multiple of the device).

      Finally, the truth of a penny and a share of goods is even more vivid on this device. Mainly because the entire industry is developing in China for a short time, it is not a standardized 3C product. The technical level of uv flatbed printer manufacturers between different levels is really big, and it is the same level of manufacturers. Due to their different business ideas, the quality of equipment is also very large. Therefore, do not blindly decide, you should look at several manufacturers on the spot, and make a decision after careful comparison.

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