UV printing process principle and cost

       The principle of the UV printing process is not complicated, but it is also simple. It uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing. It is not thermal foaming, nor is it screen printing, transfer printing or other processes. It is inkjet printing the pattern on the printed material.

UV printing process principle and cost

       The imaging principle is also relatively simple. After the pattern is drawn in the computer color editing software, the data is directly imported into the printing space software of the device, and the pattern can be printed directly.

       It can be seen from the principle that the print head is a very important part in the UV printer and also directly affects the performance of printing speed and printing accuracy. The nozzle is also one of the core factors when choosing equipment.

      The cost of UV printing process is usually calculated according to full coverage printing per square meter, and its printing cost is generally between 12-18 yuan / ㎡. It consists of three parts:

      1. The cost of consumables is usually between 5 yuan and 8 yuan. According to the price of UV ink, the price of imported ink is higher than domestic ones. The thicker the thickness of white ink, the more expensive it is. Of course, good UV ink not only guarantees the print quality, but also protects the ink system, especially the print head. Poor UV ink can easily cause the print head to be blocked and scrapped.

      2, power consumption and equipment discounts, usually an hour of UV printer power is between 1-2 degrees. The overall cost of the equipment is between 2 yuan and 4 yuan per square meter. Calculated based on the overall price and service life of the equipment.

      3. Labor, site rent and other expenses usually range from RMB 3 to RMB 5 per square meter.

      In this way, it is decided that the external processing fee on the market is generally more than 40 yuan, unless the amount is large, the price will be appropriately discounted. The difference of 20 yuan in the middle should also consider the low and peak seasons of printing and processing, which require additional fixed expenses and earned profits.

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