UV printer cost-effective calculation formula

       When buying goods, they will comprehensively calculate whether they have advantages from the aspects of performance, use, advantages, comparison of similar products, and high cost performance. Similarly, when selecting a UV printer device, it is also necessary to calculate its cost performance.

UV printer cost-effective calculation formula

       Price performance 1: see performance

       It mainly depends on whether the printing speed, printing accuracy, stability and other aspects of the UV printer can meet the needs of the printing of its own materials. If it can meet or exceed the demand for output, it will be given priority, and if it cannot, it will be abandoned directly.

Value for money 2: see the price

       Two, three or even more UV printers can meet the demand for production capacity. Compare their prices. Which one is the most affordable and powerful one?

      ratio 3: value-added services

      This includes the gallery, the number of consumables, the number of coatings, the supporting process plan, etc., which not only reflects the technical level of the manufacturer's actual application, but also helps users to quickly enter production and save time.

       Value for money four: see after-sales service

       This is the top priority. Any UV printer will have more or less problems in the later use process. It is inevitable that manufacturers provide services such as remote video and on-site visits. Then, in terms of the scope of services, charging standards, scope of warranty, etc., it must be comprehensive and detailed in the contract signing, and their respective responsibilities must be divided.

       Value for money five: word of mouth publicity

       Through various online information channels, you can collect information about the reputation of a brand / manufacturer. Although there will be moisture in the middle, it can still be seen through a wide range of comparisons. If word of mouth is too bad, don't consider it.

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