UV flatbed printer water tank

        UV flatbed printer water tank is to provide water circulation for LED lights, water-cooled, the lamp will generate heat during the irradiation process, without water circulation will cause the lamp beads to be easily damaged. Antifreeze is generally required in the water tank. In extremely cold weather, the antifreeze is not easy to freeze, and pure water can be added under conditions.

UV flatbed printer water tank

       The multifunctional water tank is an important part of the UV lamp system. It mainly contains water and cold cycle and power supply, and provides a stable light curing environment for the UV lamp.

       Under normal circumstances, the purified water in the water tank is replaced every 2-3 months. This can effectively avoid the excessive deposition of internal impurities and affect the cooling performance. It should be noted that the water tank is generally externally located at the rear or side of the device. Do not place heavy objects on it or sit as a stool. This kind of easily damages the components inside the water tank and affects normal work.

        Some UV flatbed printers will be cooled by air cooling. Compared with water cooling, the cost of air cooling is lower, but it is prone to uneven heat dissipation, instability, excessive noise, etc., and fewer and fewer devices will use air cooling.

       The water tank itself is covered by the UV flatbed printer manufacturer's warranty. Usually, if a failure occurs within one year, repair and replacement services will be provided.

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