UV flatbed printer UVLED curing light

       UVLED curing lamp is a curing device applied to UV flatbed printer equipment. Currently there are two types on the market: one is a mercury lamp, which uses a high temperature baking method to dry the UV ink pattern, and the other is a cold LED light source. The lamp uses the ultraviolet light wave emitted from the lamp to react with the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink to dry.

UVLED curing light

       The led cold light source lamp is divided into two kinds of lamp tube type and lamp bead type. In practical applications, the lamp-bead type is more applied to UV flatbed printer equipment than the lamp-tube type. In the standard configuration, two uvled curing lamps are installed on a device, which are placed on both sides of the cart.

The uvled curing lamp beads are divided into three parts: left, middle and right, each part is composed of 50 lamp beads, and the three rows add up to a total of 150. The core of each lamp bead has three thin wires, all of which are made of pure gold.

        This type of lamp cap is a detachable lamp cap, which is very easy to maintain. There is a circular water column on each side of the lamp cap. This circular water column is the water circulation system of the water inlet and the water outlet. The advantage of water circulation is that when the LED lamp is heated for a long time during high-performance work, the temperature of the LED lamp head is quickly reduced by cooling the water, thereby extending the service life of the LED lamp. 

        There is also a cooling method for air-cooled uvled curing lamps on the market. Compared with water cooling, although the cost is reduced, the overall effect will be slightly worse.

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