uv flatbed printer board

       uv flatbed printer board, like the human "brain", controls the operation of various parts of the equipment, through the set program, each instruction is issued to make the machine work in an orderly manner.

uv flatbed printer board

       The XB board and YB board of the UV flatbed printer both use fiber-optic cable interfaces. In this process, the transmission efficiency is far greater than that of the USB interface. The interface of the YB board is a round-headed optical fiber cable, and the XB board is a square-headed optical fiber cable. The main chip used in this board is a military-grade chip. It is generally difficult to buy on the market. In the stability of the board Life is guaranteed.

        Under normal circumstances, due to factors other than external forces (artificial, unstable voltage and current) and other factors, the service life of the board is about 2 years, and if it is maintained, it can reach 3 years. The board belongs to the UV flat printer after-sales service. When a failure occurs, the manufacturer will provide repair and update.

       The prices of UV flatbed printer boards are in the range of several thousand to tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, mainly depending on the level and number of nozzles on the corresponding equipment, plus three factors of technical level. The more nozzles and the higher the nozzle level, the more expensive the board price. On the contrary, the cheaper the board price is. It is recommended that when purchasing the device, ask whether the board used supports subsequent upgrades.

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