UV light solid machine and uv flatbed printer difference

        UV light curing machine is also called uv curing machine, uv curing furnace, but the name is different. But it is completely different from the uv flatbed printer. There are three main differences:

UV light solid machine and uv flatbed printer difference


        The uv flatbed printer is used to print the pattern on the surface of the material. The uv light curing machine is used to cure the material and make it dry and solidify.

        In principle:

        The uv flatbed printer uses the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing, while the uv light fixture uses the principle of ultraviolet light curing.

On the consumables:

       Uv flatbed printer uses uv ink, a chemical dye ink, UV light curing machine can be used for uv photosensitive paint, ink, uv paint, uv glue, adhesive, injection molding and other materials in a moment. Curing and drying.

       Subdivided, the application of UV curing machine is reflected in:

        1. Printing: widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademarks, metal nameplates, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, acrylic, Tedron, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, single-sided Circuit board, etc.

        2. painting: wood surface bright coating, paper surface light, plastic floor tiles, PU skin glazing, fiber surface coating.

        3.the following: the circuit board CHIP parts, followed by various electronic parts, glass, liquid crystal, terminal sealing.

        4. injection type: decorative color plate utensils, decorative wear (buttons, brooches, hair clips, belt buckles, etc.).

       But it does not mean that the uv flatbed printer and the uv light fixture have nothing to do with it. In the actual printing process, many customers' materials need to be coated with varnish, especially when it comes to high-volume, large-size printing. After printing the pattern on the uv flatbed printer, it is placed on a conveyor belt and then processed by a UV curing machine.

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