UV flatbed printer ink pump

      UV flatbed printer ink pump: is the heart of the entire ink supply system, mainly used to deliver ink to secondary ink cartridges. Model JH-30, 24v DC DC, suitable for UV ink. The power of this accessory is only 7w, and the specific flow is 300ml-400ml per minute. There are also other models with flow rates of 100ml-200ml or 200ml-300ml and so on.

UV flatbed printer ink pump

       Because it is dedicated to UV ink, it has high corrosion resistance. Do not choose a non-UV ink pump in the process of selecting the ink pump. During the use of the ink pump, the low voltage of 24v is used to ensure the long life of the ink pump.

       The flow rate of the ink pump per minute is not as high as possible, nor is it as low as possible. The key is to look at the types of nozzles and the corresponding numbers of the equipment. If the flow value is lower than the required amount of ink, thread breaks and needle breaks may occur during printing. If the flow value is higher than the required amount of ink, ink dripping, ink overflow, etc. may occur during the printing process.

Ink pump maintenance:

      In the daily use process, the ink pump does not require daily surface cleaning, and the ink marks and stains on its surface can be wiped clean with a non-woven cloth and alcohol at a frequency of once a week.

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