Toshiba print head model parameters and applications

        Toshiba printheads, Konica printheads, Epson printheads, Ricoh printheads, Seiko printheads, Kyocera printheads, etc. are printheads made in Japan, and they are also widely used in domestic UV printer equipment. Looking at the whole world, the British xaar is responsible for technical research and development, and then authorized to Japan to produce electronic hardware. China currently does not have the technology to develop and produce piezoelectric inkjet printheads.


         Toshiba printhead performance index meaning:

        1. Nozzle refers to the number of nozzle holes. The larger the number, the more the corresponding inkjet outlet, and the faster the speed;

        2. PL refers to "picoliter" or "picoliter". Volume measurement unit is a non-SI unit, which is equivalent to "10-12th power" cubic meters, that is, 1000 cubic micrometers. The smaller the value, the The higher the accuracy.

        3. The printing width refers to the width of the scanning inkjet. The wider the width, the wider the inkjet inkjet printing unit time can be, which can effectively improve the printing efficiency.

        4. Ignition frequency: In general, the higher the ignition frequency, the higher the ejection pressure per unit time, and the more ink is ejected.

       TOSHIBA nozzle type:

       CE2 6-90PL 636 nozzles Print width 53.7mm

       CA4 6-90PL 318 nozzles Print width 53.6mm

       CE4M 5PL 636 nozzles Ignition frequency: 28KHZ

       CA5 3PL 318 nozzles Print width 53.6mm Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

       CA5 12PL 600DPI Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

       CA5 42PL 300DPI Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

       CA3 6-42PL 318 nozzles Print width 53.6mm

       CB1 6-42PL 318 nozzles Print width 53.6mm

       CF1 / CF1L 6-42PL 636 nozzles Print width 53.7mm 300DPI Ignition frequency: 5.7KHZ

       CK1 / CK1L 6-42PL / 51-90PL 636 nozzles Print width 53.66mm 300DPI Ignition frequency: 4.97KHZ / 4.8KHZ, CK1 / CK1L and CF1 / CF1L have different internal structures

       CF1XL 36-180PL 4.8KHZ 24m / min 6GS

        Toshiba nozzle application:

        In the field of UV flatbed printers, Toshiba CE4M printheads are currently used. Some other types of printheads are not suitable, and some are still in the testing process. Of course, there are fewer domestic manufacturers of Toshiba print head UV printers, less than 10 manufacturers.

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