Model features and hazards of UV printers within 50,000

       UV printers within 50,000 are mostly A2, A3, A4 and other equipment. This type of machine is also called the modified low-end machine in the industry, which belongs to the bottom of the modified machine. Since 2013, it has been eliminated by a large number of manufacturers and no longer produces, and 95% of UV printer factories have no longer produced such equipment.


      Due to the cheap price of this type of equipment, it is easy to fool some novices or consumers who do n’t understand, plus the amount is too low. After a problem occurs in the later period, the user can only take a dumb loss considering the costs of travel, maintenance, and lost work Nothing left.

      Common models are:

      A2-4880C, print size 42 cm * 80 cm (actually 1-2 cm smaller than this)

      A3-1390, print size 32 cm * 60 cm (actually 1-2 cm smaller than this)

      A4-1980, print size 21 cm * 27 cm (actually 1-2 cm smaller than this)

     Then there are two main external features of this type of UV printer:

     1. Solvent posing as UV printer

It uses solvent inks, water-based printheads or Epson 7th and 10th generation inkjets that have already been eliminated, which are not suitable for UV printing. Seen from the exterior, the ink cartridges, ink sacs, and ink tubes are solvent-based devices.

      2.Platform mobile is not a car

      It is not like the original UV printer that uses the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis positioning printing principles of the car. It can only rise through the telescopic platform, and most of them are glass platforms. Even with metal platforms, the flatness is poor due to the low cost itself. , Easy to deform and rust.

      Harm to UV printers within 50,000:

      1. The failure rate is high. One small repair in two days and one large repair in three days are normal. If the user does not have this experience, it is easy to smash his hands and completely waste it.

      2, short life, whether it is the life of the nozzle, or other parts, because the price of the whole machine is cheap, often use inferior parts, generally 1-2 months will replace parts.

      3. The after-sales service is basically 0. In view of the low price of the equipment, if you provide non-charged on-site services, you will definitely lose money. Generally, users will be required to purchase consumables or 800 / day, and reimburse travel expenses to charge after-sales costs.

      The important thing is: this type of UV printer simply cannot meet the needs of daily production, in other words, it will not help users make money at all.

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