UV flatbed printer size

         UV flatbed printer size industry generally refers to the printing size of the device, not the overall size of the machine. The two are significantly different. The appearance of the machine is much larger than the printed size. In addition, novices who understand this piece are often confused by the numbers in front of the model, but it is actually very simple.


        Take 2513 as an example, where the first two digits of 25 refers to the printing width of the device (note that it is not long) is 2.5m, and 13 refers to the printing printing length of 1.3m. By analogy, 2533 refers to the printing format 2.5m * 3.3m, 1610 refers to the printing format 1.6m * 1m ...

        It is important to keep in mind that the wide printing width directly affects the printing efficiency of the equipment and the quality of other parts. The smaller the UV flatbed printer, the slower the printing speed and the relative quality of the parts. With the same nozzle configuration, the print mode does not change. The speed of the 2513 model is 1 times faster than that of the 1325, which is determined by the width and length.

        This size naming method is limited to the original UV flatbed printer. If it is an early modified device, it will be called in such a way as a4, a3, a2, a1, a0. Among them, a4 refers to the printing format 210mm × 297mm, a3 refers to the printing format 297mm × 420mm, a2 refers to the printing format 420mm × 594mm, and a1 refers to the printing format 594mm × 841mm .... Variety.

        UV flatbed printer size often determines the configuration of the print head. The longer the width of the equipment, the higher the level and number of nozzles configured, otherwise it will be overkill. The shorter the width of the equipment, the fewer the number of nozzles configured, the lower the level, often for civilian nozzles. Taking the 1325 and 2513 devices on the market as an example, the 1325 is generally between 50,000 and 80,000, and the 2513 model is generally between 100,000 and 20,000.

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