Replace the price of cheap uv ink 6 conditions

       I often hear two kinds of sounds, one from the manufacturer of uv flatbed printers. "Use the manufacturer's uv ink, the life of the nozzle, the smoothness, the late printing and color chasing, etc., provide quality assurance, do not use the manufacturer uv ink, the nozzle and ink road appear. The failure of the system is not covered by the warranty." The other kind comes from the customer side. "Can you not use your uv ink, the price is more expensive, and it will not be a problem in the later stage. Please pay for your factory to solve it."

Replace the price of cheap uv ink 6 conditions

       In fact, these two concepts are no problem. The key is to look at the customers themselves. Which kind of cooperation method is economically beneficial to themselves. As we all know, the price of uv ink on the market is from 100 yuan to 500 yuan per liter. Of course, the more expensive spot color uv ink is more than 1000 thousand. Then, we will analyze and replace the cheaper uv ink. Conditions to be met:

      1. After replacing the cheaper uv ink, it can meet the printing requirements of the material (color, adhesion, stretchability, etc.);

      2, after replacing the cheaper uv ink, it does not affect the curing of the uv-led lamp, avoiding problems such as incomplete pattern drying;

      3. After replacing the cheaper uv ink, it will not react with the pre-press or post-press varnish process, causing dissolution and foaming;

      4, before replacing the cheaper uv ink, calculate the amount of ink used by itself, if the order quantity of consumables of 3-4 months and the price difference of the original uv ink can buy a new nozzle, then it can be changed;

      5, before replacing the cheaper uv ink, the original uv ink will be used up as much as possible, and will replace the new ink system, it will clean the nozzle;

      6. Before replacing the cheaper uv ink, the user should try to choose the warranty period or the warranty period. After all, the warranty is not charged during the warranty period, no need to waste.

      If you can't meet the above four or more conditions, it is recommended that users do not blindly replace the uv ink. Not to mention the cost of cleaning up, it is also common to make the nozzles clogged and scrapped. This is not worth the loss.

      If many end users of the uv flatbed printer processing factory often return and repeat printing, this color chasing is a problem. After replacing the uv ink at will, the corresponding color curve should be re-created.

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