Misunderstanding of the origin of UV printer nozzles

         The origin of the piezoelectric nozzles used by the printer comes from Japan and the United Kingdom, such as Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, and Kyocera nozzles in Japan; Xaar nozzles in the United Kingdom; Polaris nozzles in the United States ... There are four misunderstandings of the print head:

Misunderstanding of the origin of UV printer nozzles

         Misunderstanding of Nozzle Origin

         So far, there is no technical capability to produce UV printer nozzles, and the nozzles used are all imported. Larger manufacturers will take the nozzles directly from the original factory, and small manufacturers will take the nozzles from the agents; so when encountering some sales that said the nozzles are made by their own companies, they are all scammers.

        Misunderstanding 2

        The lack of the ability to develop and produce printheads does not mean that there is no ability to develop and support the printhead card control system. Of course, this ability is mainly concentrated in a few companies, and many of them just take the motherboard from these companies to modify it slightly and then publicize it as their own research and development.

        Misunderstanding of printhead origin

        The nozzle is just a component. It is called UV printer nozzle when it is applied to UV printer. It is called inkjet nozzle when it is applied to inkjet printer ... When you see some manufacturers producing Seiko nozzle UV printer, Ricoh nozzle UV printer and so on, it just shows their This type of sprinkler configured on the device is not to say that the other party is capable of producing sprinklers.

        Misunderstanding 4

        There are two types of nozzle sales: open and non-open. The open type refers to the release of this nozzle in the domestic market, anyone can buy it, such as Epson nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, etc., the threshold is low, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the nozzle price changes, and it is easily caused by the hoarding of the nozzles .

        Non-open nozzles refer to Seiko nozzles, Toshiba nozzles, etc. This type of agreement with the original factory generally has stable supply channels and stable market prices, but it also restricts manufacturers to develop and produce equipment for this type of nozzle. The threshold is high and the number of manufacturers is small.

        What needs to be alert is that if a company has any type of UV printers, it is not the technical strength and large scale that it advertises. It is largely just a OEM middleman. It needs to be carefully selected to avoid later After-sales service cannot be guaranteed.

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