UV inkjet printer nozzles do not cause ink and solutions

        UV flat printer nozzles do not produce ink during the use of the device will inevitably occur. There are generally 8 reasons for this failure. In actual applications, according to the design of UV flat printers from different manufacturers, there may be 10 reasons. There may be 6 reasons. But mastering the following 8 kinds can solve the problem that 99% of the nozzles do not produce ink.


        1. Negative pressure is not in the working range

        Need to adjust the negative pressure value of UV flatbed printer to make it return to the normal range. (In view of the fluctuation of the added value range of equipment from different manufacturers, you need to record it in advance for later use). You can choose manual mode or software automatic mode.

        2. Ink supply problem

        Check if the UV ink itself has expired, condensed, and quality problems have occurred, which will cause the UV flatbed printer's print head to not ink out. If these phenomena occur, replace them with new ones.

        3. Ink path and nozzle are blocked

        When the ink path and the nozzle are seriously clogged, you need to clean it with a special cleaning solution. You can judge that the clogging problem has been solved according to the bead-like lines ejected from the UV flatbed printer nozzle. These ink tubes are recommended to be replaced once every 6 months. .

        4. Software nozzle temperature is missing

        Check whether the heating device of the UV flatbed printer nozzle is normal. If the device does not have this device, you can install an external heating plate, heating fan, etc. to ensure that the nozzle of the nozzle is in the normal working area.

         5. Software nozzle voltage is missing

         If the print head is burnt out, you need to replace it with a new one; if the print head is out of order, you can contact the original UV flatbed printer manufacturer and ask them to send in a new print head voltage plate for replacement.

        6. Nozzle communication is missing and network cable is loose

        Check the flat line of the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer and the position of the interface for looseness and breakage, etc., and replace it with a new one.

        7. Nozzle damage

        You can only replace the nozzle of a new UV flatbed printer. Remember that the device must be grounded, an independent power source, and a voltage regulator must be equipped.    

        8. Nozzle board failure

        The malfunction of the nozzle board will cause the UV flat nozzle to be unable to discharge ink. In this case, the feedback can be provided to the manufacturer, and the board is within the warranty range.

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