Toshiba print head UV hard ink

Ink name: Toshiba printhead UV rigid ink


Color: K C M Y LC LM White

Ink properties: Rigid UV curing ink

Adapt to printing temperature range: 40-50 ℃

Best printing temperature: 45 ℃

UV lamp curing power: 3-4W / ㎝² (1pass UV energy is 80mj / ㎝²)

Adapt to UV lamp wavelength: 395nm

Color density (6pass maximum ink volume): K: 1.9 C: 1.7 M: 1.7 Y: 1.9

Hue characteristics: Green: PB15: 4 Product: PR122 + 254 Yellow: PY150 Black: BK7

Toshiba printhead UV rigid ink certification:

Lightfastness: C: 8, M: 7, Y: 8, K: 8 (according to ISO 12040-1997)

Ink layer hardness: 4H (according to GB 6379-1996 coating film pencil hardness test method)

Bending and cracking temperature: normal temperature

Water-resistant wipe level: Level 1 (refer to GB / T 23989-2009 test method, level 1 is the best, level 5 is the worst)

Alcohol acid and alkali resistance level: 4 (refer to GB / T 23989-2009 test method, level 1 is the best, level 5 is the worst)

Odor level:

After printing: Level 2 48 hours later: Level 1 (Remarks: 6 assessors draw a 5cm distance for olfactory evaluation, Level 1: No obvious odor. Level 2: Slight odor. Level 3: Obvious odor but not irritating. Grade: irritating odor. Grade 5: Strong irritating odor, unbearable.)

Recommended Application Model UV Flatbed Printer

Adapt to the adhesion level of printing materials: Metal / tile / wood board / PS board / aluminum-plastic board / glass need to be coated before printing (adhesion enhancing liquid).

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