Toshiba CE4 nozzle maintenance points

      1.At any time when printing, the color bar must be turned on to prevent the nozzles that do not eject or have a small amount of ink from solidifying and clogging the nozzles in the UV lamp reflection.


      2. Enable the standby interval flash spray function. In the standby state, ensure that the nozzle is wet and prevent ink breakage after long-term storage.

      3. Every 2 to 4 hours, clean the steel surface of the nozzle with a clean cotton swab dipped in cleaning solution, and perform positive pressure cleaning. It must be executed even if there is no ink break during printing.

      4. Do not use rough dry cloth or cotton swab to wipe the nozzle film in the red area at any time, otherwise the surface coating will be damaged for a long time.

      5. Be sure to avoid light during shutdown to prevent sunlight or light from irradiating the nozzle surface for a long time, which will cause the ink to solidify and block the nozzle.

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