The development trend of uv printers 2020

        The domestic uv printer industry has been developing for more than ten years, and the technology of flat-panel printing has basically reached the bottleneck at this stage. Throughout these years, the development of the nozzle has become a main line. Most of the uv printer manufacturers have changed their Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles, and later Ricoh nozzles, Toshiba nozzles, Kyocera nozzles, and star nozzles. It is also based on the replacement of the Japanese side of the nozzle. The core of the market pursuit is the cost performance of the nozzle, which is a better balance between speed, accuracy, longevity and price.

The development trend of uv printers 2020

       However, this kind of attachment to the foreign nozzle manufacturers upgraded the nozzles, and the upgrade of the existing uv printer mode is very comfortable, only need to develop the motherboard program, the investment is also very small, similar to warm boiled frog, but there are two very large The drawbacks.

       A large number of manufacturers have stayed in the existing industry users, and have not invested more capital, technology and personnel into the application technology of other industries, resulting in a slow growth of the domestic market for the entire uv printer, and the cost of the entire industry is relatively low. High, a little bad market, the price war will start.

       Second, the gap between foreign and uv printer manufacturers is getting bigger and bigger, but from the gross profit of products, 80% or even 100% of imported equipment is common, and 30% in China can be done. This also extends a lot of bad imaginations. In order to ensure their own profits, some uv printer companies will shoddy and renovate second-hand equipment on the equipment, only change after repair, and earn money after the sale.

Fortunately, in the past two years, some uv printer manufacturers are trying new ways, such as:

       1. Some pursue the production efficiency, take the onepass route, increase the number of nozzles and increase the printing capacity;

       2. Some of the cylinder industry, research and development of custom uv printers for wine bottles and vacuum flasks, broaden the application of this industry;

       3.some try the container field, engage in vertical uv printing patterns, so that the surface of the outer shipping cargo box custom printed pattern text;

       4. some try to print the cone or irregular uv, similar to the flat water cup, the water cup with the handle, etc.;

       5.some combined with other industry equipment to do in-depth secondary development, similar to grafting robotic arm, automatic loading and unloading, combined with conveyor belt, light solid machine running water line automatic mode.

       In addition, some manufacturers are also testing uv printers such as Toshiba cj1 nozzles, Ricoh g6 nozzles, etc. It is believed that they will be seen at the exhibition in March next year, and it is believed that the uv printer industry will develop better in 2020.

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