Disassembly of Toshiba print head moisturizing packaging process

        1.First, use Toshiba nozzle cleaning fluid, rinse the nozzle, cleaning the nozzle, the liquid does not have to be emptied.


        2. Prepare enough PE cling film and a clean dust-free cloth, and moisten the dust-free cloth with a small amount of special cleaning solution, and just moisten the non-woven cloth.

        3. The nozzles are installed with the plugs and flat wire protection covers of all ink connections, and placed on a wet non-woven fabric to prevent the residual ink from drying and solidifying at the nozzle after disassembly.

       4. Wrap 4 ~ 5 layers with cling film and wrap the nozzle tightly. The packaging may not touch the nozzle surface completely.

       5. Use tape to wind the nozzle tightly above the ceramic sheet to prevent the plastic wrap from falling off.

        6. Cut off the cling film part above the tape with scissors to prevent the cleaning solution from penetrating into the flat wire opening and causing secondary damage.

        7. Wrap the paper wrap around the mouth of the plastic wrap or non-woven cloth, and wrap it with tape to prevent the cleaning solution from seeping out to the flat line mouth.

        8. Use the original or suitable packing box with sponge protective packaging. Keep in a cool and dry place.

       9, if left for a long time, a small amount of cleaning solution must be dripped from the ink inlet every 1 to 2 weeks to maintain the interior of the ink chamber moist.

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