UV flatbed printer nozzle poor ink solution

       Symptoms of poor ink output from uv flatbed printers are: flying ink, dripping ink, drawing and so on. There are roughly eight kinds of reasons that cause this kind of failure. In actual applications, the UV flatbed printer design differs from different manufacturers. Some may have 10 reasons, and some may have 6 reasons. But mastering the following 8 kinds can solve the problem that 99% of the nozzles have poor ink discharge.


       1. Nozzle height is unqualified

       Solution: Due to the different jet forces of different nozzles of UV flatbed printers, the reasonable print head print heights are different. Only within a reasonable value range can the printing effect be guaranteed. If it is too high, flying ink will inevitably occur. Too low, it is easy to scratch the nozzle.

       2. Nozzle blocked oblique spray

       Solution: Pause the machine, clean the print head with cleaning liquid, and then continue printing. If the oblique spray is serious, you need to replace the new UV flatbed printer print head.

       3.The heating temperature has not reached the set value

       Solution: Especially in winter, when the temperature of the UV flatbed printer's nozzle needs a heating device for smooth ink discharge, check whether the heating device such as the heating plate has reached the specified temperature value.

       4.Nozzle voltage abnormal

       Solution: Check whether the voltage plate of the UV flatbed printer nozzle is faulty, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

        5.PCIE card is loose

        Solution: If the PCIE card of the UV flatbed printer is loose, insert it.

        6. ink expired, precipitation, etc.

        Solution: Check whether the expiration date of the outer packaging has expired, and if the ink bottle is shaken, whether it is the sound of rushing water. Expired, precipitation and solidification need to replace with new UV ink.

       7, flat line aging

       Solution: Replace the new flat cable and install it.

       8. Nozzle board failure

       Solution: If the nozzle plate of the UV flatbed printer is faulty, you need to contact the original equipment manufacturer and send in a new nozzle plate to replace it.

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