UV flatbed printer printing error limit solution

       In the process of printing patterns on UV flatbed printers, printing errors sometimes occur. This kind of problem is generally caused by poor contact of the decoder, damage to the decoder, misalignment of the raster bar, overrun of the image array, and wrong printing 6, software damage caused by these six reasons.


      1. Bad contact of uv flatbed printer decoder

      Solution: Check whether the position of the decoder interface is loose, just tighten it;

2.UV flatbed printer decoder is damaged

      Solution: Contact the original equipment manufacturer and resend the new decoder. Note that the decoders of different models are different;

      3, UV flatbed printer raster bar deviation

      Solution: Recalibrate the offset position of the grating bar. If the grating bar is damaged, replace it with a new one.

      4, UV flatbed printer picture array exceeded

     Solution: reduce the size of the pattern in the ps software or map software, and do not exceed the array range;

     5.The printing direction of UV flatbed printer is wrong

    Solution: Modify the wrong printing direction value in the print control software;

     6, UV flatbed printer printing software is damaged

     Solution: reinstall the print control software; the general software is damaged due to the error of the antivirus software, you need to add the software to the white list. In addition, do not insert a USB flash drive of unknown origin randomly. Some viruses carried in the USB flash drive can damage the UV flatbed printer control software.

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