UV flatbed printer nozzle heating solution does not heat up

        UV flatbed printer heads do not heat up, which will directly affect the normal ink out of UV inks, leading to ink cutouts during printing. Especially when the temperature in winter is low, the fluency of UV ink is far less than that in summer. At this time, not only the equipment nozzles and UV ink need to be heated, but the external working environment also needs a suitable temperature. The suitable ambient temperature for UV flatbed printers is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C, and the humidity is between 30% and 60%. There are 6 kinds of reasons that the nozzle does not heat up, and it is easy to solve.


        Heating sheet aging

        This is a normal phenomenon. The heating plate of the UV flatbed printer print head has been working for a long time. Generally, the aging situation occurs after 6 months. Replace the heating plate with a new one.

        2. The machine is not reset

        Reset the UV flatbed printer and turn it on again, so the heating plate will heat up.

        3. Poor heating contact

        Check whether the contact between the heating plate and the nozzle line is loosened or broken. If it is, it can be restored after reconnecting.

        4. Heating power box voltage is too low

        Open the cover of the power box of the UV flatbed printer and see if the voltage value is too low. If it is too low, check whether the voltage regulator is normal.

        5. Poor thermal conductivity of heating sheet

        If the screw between the heating plate and the UV flatbed printer nozzle is loosened, which causes the gap to become larger, or there is a foreign body in the heat conduction place, clean it in time and tighten it together.

        6. Nozzle board failure

        After checking the above five conditions, if the heating plate does not heat up, the nozzle board is faulty. Contact the manufacturer and send a new nozzle board to replace it.

It should be noted that, when the weather is cold in winter, before UV flatbed printers start printing, be sure to heat the UV ink, nozzles and other key parts before printing. If it is an old device, there is no heating plate or built-in circulating heating. For the system, you may wish to purchase an external small sun. After it is turned on, keep it about 20 cm away from the nozzle and keep it on.

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