UV flatbed printer nozzle surface ink solution

       When the UV flatbed printer nozzle is used for a long time, it is easy to ink on the surface area. If you ignore it, after a long time, it will easily cause the nozzle to be blocked. There are generally five reasons for this phenomenon. Depending on the design of the UV flatbed printers from different manufacturers, there may be 7 types and 4 types. But mastering these five types can basically solve the problem of ink accumulation in more than 90% of the nozzles.


       1. Drip caused by negative pressure being too low

       When the negative pressure of the UV flatbed printer is too low, it will cause ink dripping from the print head. This is only necessary to adjust the negative pressure back to the normal range, and the software can also be manual. It should be noted that the negative pressure value of different manufacturers is different. Ask the original equipment manufacturer before adjusting.

       2. The print head prints too high ink

       The spraying force of different types of nozzles is different. In the production mode, some nozzles have a printing height of 3mm, some have a printing height of 2mm, etc. At this time, the printing height of the UV flatbed printer needs to be reduced.

       3. Foreign matter on the nozzle surface

       Due to dust and other problems in the workshop, some foreign matter may fall on the surface of the UV flatbed printer nozzle. In this case, you can wipe it clean.

       4. Normal phenomenon caused by large ink output

        When the amount of ink that the UV flatbed printer chooses to print is large, a small amount of ink will accumulate on the surface of the print head. After the printing is finished, it can be cleaned.

        5. Control software file is damaged

        In such cases, if you have a backup, you can restore it again. No UV flatbed printer control software file backup, contact the original manufacturer and send a copy.

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