UV flatbed printer reset troubleshooting

      The faults of the UV flatbed printer reset are mainly concentrated in four aspects: the print can be reset without response, the reset Z axis only rises or falls, the normal reset cannot be completed, and X always moves to the right during reset. different.


      1.UV flatbed printer can reset and print without response.

      A. PCIE card failure, solution: Replace with a new PCIE card;

      B. There is a problem with the computer system, the solution: anti-virus computer system, and then restart;

      C. The fiber optic cable is broken / loose. Solution: Tighten the fiber optic cable if it is loose, and replace it with a new one if it is broken.

      2, UV flatbed printer reset Z axis only rise or fall

      A. Z driver signal line is missing, solution: reconnect the Z driver signal line;

      B. Missing item of motor power cable, solution: Reconnect the missing item of motor power cable;

      C. Drag the card connector, the solution is to re-weld the card connector.

      3, UV flat printer movement cannot be reset normally

      A. Optical fiber communication failure, solution: replace the bad optical fiber;

      B. The emergency stop switch is not turned on. The solution: just turn on the emergency stop light again;

      C. Computer system failure, solution: anti-virus computer system, and then restart;

      D. The PCIE is loose. The solution: insert the PCIE card tightly.

      4.X moves to the right when UV flatbed printer resets

      A. The Y-board signal cable has poor contact. Solution: If the interface is loose, reconnect the Y-board signal cable.

      B. The round fiber optic cable is damaged, the solution is to replace the new round fiber optic cable;

      C. Computer system failure, solution: computer system antivirus, and then restart.

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