Uv flatbed printer purchase delivery process

       Understand the purchase process of uv flatbed printers. For users who purchase equipment for the first time, on the one hand, they can plan their own site construction in advance and prepare corresponding facilities. On the other hand, they can understand the overall progress and facilitate timely follow-up. Protect your rights and interests. The uv flat-panel printer industry currently adopts the purchase and delivery process as follows: (Different manufacturers will have changes in time and amount on a certain rule)


       1. Both parties sign the contract and stamp (send or send a scanned copy on the spot). If the user encounters the form of receipt in the name of the individual, he must decisively refuse.

       2. the customer prepaid 30% deposit, some custom equipment may deposit 50% or higher, depending on the specific negotiation of each manufacturer.

       3. The salesperson fills in the production notice of the uv flatbed printer;

       4. The customer arranges the technician to go to the factory for training. The training time is generally 5-7 days, and the staff is 1-2, providing the corresponding accommodation and accommodation. The training content is mainly based on the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

       5. The customer pays 70% of the final payment before delivery (according to the time agreed in the contract);

       6.the factory arranges a special car to deliver to your door;

       7. customer signing (please carefully check the outer box packaging or machine appearance before signing, if there is damage, please refuse

       8. The technician randomly installs and debugs the uv flatbed printer to enable it to print normally and conduct secondary training for 3-5 days, mainly based on the actual operation instructions of the customer's products;

       9. The commissioning training is completed. The customer can sign the technician on the service form before leaving. There are detailed training items on the service form. The user can explain the technicians one by one according to the requirements.

       Three questions frequently asked by customers about the purchase process of uv flatbed printers:

       1. Can I leave a 5% or 10% warranty?

       This method is common in the traditional construction industry or large machine field. The uv flatbed printer industry is rare, and it is a way to protect customer rights. Users can negotiate with the company that purchased the device.

       2. Can you train more people in the factory?

      This is generally not allowed, not to say how much cost will be brought to the manufacturer itself, and the past experience feedback, the more the number of personnel, the worse the learning effect of the personnel, the mutual deduction, the special person is responsible for the better effect.

       3. How should the customer site be prepared?

       After signing the contract, the manufacturer will tell the customer the details of the size, circuit, ventilation and other aspects of the site.

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