UV flat printer material pattern poor adhesion solution

        The poor adhesion of the material pattern of the UV flatbed printer is a headache. The printed pattern is peeled off with a slight scratch. Even if the printing effect is even better, it has no shelf life and practicality. There are six reasons for this: temperature and humidity relations, ink deterioration, material problems, UV lamp problems, too fast speed / ink dare, and cleaning fluid residue.


      1, UV flatbed printer temperature and humidity relationship

      Solution: When the UV flatbed printer's working environment is too low, especially in winter, the printed pattern is prone to cracking and peeling. Conditional installation of air conditioners in the workshop is required to keep the indoor temperature below 15 ° C. At the same time, avoid a humid environment. When the humidity in the air exceeds 70%, the moisture can easily condense on the printed material, resulting in poor adhesion.

      2.UV flat printer ink deterioration

      Solution: Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of UV flatbed printer ink is one year. When stored incorrectly, it is easy to shorten the shelf life of UV ink, which causes precipitation and condensation. After opening the bottle cap, it is necessary to solve this problem. Replace with new UV ink immediately.

      3, UV flatbed printer printing material problems

      Solution: Different types of UV inks are different when printing with different material UV flatbed printers. Some need to use hard UV inks, some need soft UV inks, and some need neutral UV inks. Under the premise of not knowing which UV ink is better for the materials you print, you may wish to consult the original UV flatbed printer manufacturer.

      4, UV flatbed printer UV light problem

      Solution: When the power of the UV lamp of the UV flatbed printer is too low, it will cause the UV ink to be incompletely cured on the surface of the material. At this time, the power of the UV lamp needs to be increased. If increasing the UV lamp power is not enough, you need to replace the UV lamp with a higher power.

      5.UV flatbed printer is too fast / the ink is not dry

      Solution: When the UV flatbed printer is printing at high speed in both directions, the time left for the UV lamp to shine is very short. At this time, the ink will not dry completely. You need to reduce the printing speed appropriately, which can solve the problem.

      6, UV flatbed printer has cleaning solution residue

      Solution: Part of the material surface needs to be wiped with a cleaning solution to keep it clean and remove static electricity. At this time, the waiting time is longer. After the cleaning solution is dry, it can be printed with a UV flatbed printer.

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