UV Flatbed Printer Standby X Motion Solution

       When something temporarily leaves for a short time and no longer operates, the UV flatbed printer is set to the standby state, and the x-axis and y-axis are also static. If the x-axis trolley movement is found, it means that the fiber optic cable is damaged / loose or the PCIE card is loose.


       1.The optical fiber cable of UV flatbed printer is damaged / loose

       Solution: The optical fiber wire itself has a certain service life. The more intense and continuous printing every day, the faster it will wear. Under normal circumstances, the fiber optic cable can be replaced with a new one within 6-8 months. If the device runs for more than 16 hours per day, it is recommended to replace it every 4 months. If the fiber optic cable is loose, re-clamp the fixed interfaces on both sides. If it is damaged and split, replace it with a new one.

       2.The PCIe card of the UV flatbed printer is loose

       Solution: Pull out the PCIE card, reinsert it, and the card can be tightened.

       have to be aware of is:

      1. Do not wait too long in the standby state of the UV flatbed printer. When in this state, the flash spray moisturizing function of the nozzle can be turned on to avoid the nozzle being blocked;

      2. When the UV flatbed printer works for one day and needs to be turned off, it is necessary to turn off the power to the nozzles, water tanks, equipment, etc. one by one, reset the equipment to its original point, and moisturize;

      3. If the holiday time exceeds 5 days, the nozzle needs to be disassembled, cleaned, sealed and stored, take out the UV ink in the large ink cartridge, and clean the secondary ink cartridge, ink tube, etc. After all are cleaned, take one The plastic protective film is covered on the UV flat printer body, and the dustproof treatment can be done.

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