UV flatbed printer software driver troubleshooting

       The failure of the uv flatbed printer software driver host is manifested in four aspects: host system failure, software damage, abnormal drive, and map software failure, all of which will directly cause the device to fail to print normally.


      1.UV host system failure of flatbed printer

      Solution: After the computer has been completely disinfected, reinstall the system software, and then add the various software of the UV flatbed printer to the white list. Avoid some files being deleted and cleaned up due to anti-virus software in the later period. At the same time, in the daily use process, do not download various cracked software or insert U disk randomly.

      2.UV flatbed printer software is damaged

      Solution: Reinstall the damaged UV flatbed printer software;

      3.uv flatbed printer driver abnormal

      Solution: Win7, win10 system of various driver software, try not to upgrade to the latest version at will, often the stability is very poor, the original UV flatbed printer software compatibility has not been verified, the operating equipment On the computer, the computer environment required by the equipment must be used for the computer. If the driver is abnormal, restore the original driver.

      4, UV flatbed printer map software failure

      Solution: Uninstall the damaged map software and reinstall the new one. If there is an upgrade, update the map software at any time.

      have to be aware of is:

      1. Various software used by UV flatbed printer, do not change the parameter settings at will;

      2. The installed computer system environment needs to be shut down to the remote automatic upgrade service. The various driver programs will not be upgraded without affecting the normal printing of the device.

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