UV flatbed printer white color registration and color registration solution

       The reasons for the white color registration and color registration problems of uv flatbed printers are: the print head is not vertical, the print head is in bad condition, the height is wrong, the two-way is not adjusted properly, and the software data parameter settings are set. The manifestation is the pattern leakage, image shift and dislocation.


       1, UV flatbed printer nozzle is not vertical

       Solution: If the nozzle is not vertical, physically adjust the position and keep it vertical;

       2, UV flatbed printer nozzle is in bad condition

       Solution: The nozzle is in poor condition. Ink cleaning of the nozzle is required. After the continuous cleaning liquid is observed, the state of the nozzle is back to normal, and you can continue printing.

       3.UV flatbed printer height problem

       Solution: The standard model of the UV flatbed printer prints within 8 cm, but the same pattern is printed at the 8 cm position and the 1 cm position. The effect is definitely better. On the premise of not scratching the print head, try to reduce the print height of the lower print head as much as possible, so that the printed pattern is better;

       4.UV flatbed printer is not adjusted in both directions

       Solution: The parameter values of the two-way printing of the device are not correct. Contact the equipment manufacturer to inquire the parameters of the two-way printing. Open the print control software and enter the calibration.

       5.uv flatbed printer software data adjustment

       Solution: If the software runs for a long time and too much data is deposited, incorrect instructions and printing errors will occur. At this time, a large amount of irrelevant data in the cache needs to be cleaned up. For example, after the data set by the software is modified, contact the manufacturer and restore the original value.

       It should be noted that after using the uv flatbed printer for several months, the data of various software may not be in place due to the daily maintenance of the operator. It is inevitable that an error will occur. You can back up the various software in advance and the value is Record, if there is a problem, reinstall it.

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