UV flatbed printer Hedge ratio

        UV flatbed printer value preservation ratio refers to the ratio of the price of a UV flatbed printer after it has been used for a period of time to its previous purchase price. It depends on the performance of the equipment, price fluctuations, brand, reliability, price of accessories and maintenance Cost and many other factors. On the one hand, UV flatbed printers with high value retention reflect the reliability and performance of the original equipment, on the other hand, when they change hands, the selling price is higher.

UV flatbed printer Hedge ratio

       The value retention rate of UV flatbed printers is mainly restricted by the following five factors: manufacturer brand, core accessory brand, maintenance cost, format size, and degree of use.

       I. Manufacturer Brand

       Equipment preservation ratio for first-tier brands > Equipment preservation ratio for second-tier brands > Equipment preservation ratio for third-tier brands The rate will double.

       Core accessories

       When choosing a second-hand UV flatbed printer for on-site inspection, it includes, but is not limited to: the nozzle model and the degree of old and new, screw rods, motors, led lights, platforms, etc. These have a long life and loss and need to be carefully checked. Not a well-known brand of accessories, many of them have reached the end of life in 1 or 2 years.

       Third, maintenance costs

       It is mainly the parts of the equipment. The more common parts on the market, the lower the maintenance costs in the later stage; on the contrary, the more customized things on the UV flatbed printer, the lower the second-hand value retention rate. Try not to choose custom used equipment, including not limited to (custom heightening, custom lengthening, modified rolling shaft, etc.)

       Fourth, the format size

       Under normal circumstances, the larger the size of the equipment, the lower the value of preservation; the same format of the smaller machine, the value of preservation is also very low. The more general-purpose models, the more stable the value retention, like the 2513 model, which can meet the printing needs of most industries.

        5. Degree of use

       Under normal circumstances, UV flatbed printers maintain a 60% one-year preservation rate, 40% two-year preservation rate, and 15% three-year preservation rate. The specific price should be determined according to the actual situation of the equipment. Many poor and bad machines are basically treated as waste for three to five hundred dollars.

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