UV Flatbed Printer Spot Color

       UV flatbed printer spot color refers to: In inkjet printing, this color is not synthesized by printing C, M, Y, K four colors, but a specific UV ink is used to print this color. Common spot colors are rose, green, light gray, light gray, gold, silver and so on.

UV Flatbed Printer Spot Color

       UV flatbed printer spot colors have two main advantages:

      1. Accuracy: Each spot color has its own fixed hue, so it can guarantee the accuracy of the color in printing, thereby largely solving the problem of color transfer accuracy.

      2.Wide color gamut

      The color gamut in the spot color library is very wide and exceeds the RGB performance gamut, let alone the CMYK color space. Therefore, a large part of the colors cannot be rendered with CMYK four-color printing inks.

       UV flatbed printer spot color price:

      Spot color UV inks are not like ordinary UV inks, and it takes 2-3 years to enter the country. It is even less expensive for mature applications, and its price is very expensive. At present, domestic UV ink prices are between 100-300, and Japan, the United States, and Taiwan are between 200-500. Most spot color UV inks are imported from abroad, and very few domestic. Like green uv ink, about 600 liters, light gray uv ink, about 700 liters, light gray uv ink about 1800 yuan a liter, golden silver uv ink, about 2000 liters.

      UV flatbed printer spot color application areas:

      1. From its cost, it can be seen that it is suitable for high value-added processing, and users with high color quality requirements are not used by ordinary users, which accounts for less than 10% of the entire UV printing market.

      2. Most of them are used for export. The pupil colors of the main foreigners are different from those of the Chinese. They are more sensitive to gradient colors and need spot colors to reflect them.

      The use method of UV flat printer spot color is very simple. After installing the spot color ink cartridges, ink tubes and matching nozzles, ICC can make the lower curve again.

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