Upgradeable uv flatbed printer

        The main difference between the upgradeable uv flatbed printer and the ordinary uv flatbed printer is that the former can improve the performance of the hardware and software by 50%-100% without the need for special changes on the original basis. Although it will increase by about 30%, it is very cost-effective.

Upgradeable uv flatbed printer

        Upgradeable uv flatbed printer

       On the one hand, there is no need to add another uv flatbed printer, and on the other hand, there is no need to increase the cost for additional venues, labor costs, etc. Therefore, in the past year, more and more users have chosen to upgrade uv flatbed printers.

      Upgradeable uv flatbed printer features:

      1. the core hardware configuration support: its motor, rail, car board, led lamp performance, etc. are sufficient to support high-speed printing after the upgrade, the accessories can support;

      2. software system support: upgrade to 8 nozzles, 16 nozzles, the supporting board, print control program can also be directly upgraded, no special changes are required;

      3.upgradeable uv flat-panel printers reserved hardware space, circuit system, power line, ink system, etc. before the factory, can be directly upgraded later.

      4. some high-tech uv flatbed printer manufacturers, upgradeable technology also includes secondary development, such as grafting robotic arm, development conveyor belt, butt cutting system and so on.

      The price of an upgradeable uv flatbed printer:

      1.compared to the ordinary non-upgradeable uv flatbed printer, the price will be 10%-20% higher;

      2, can save 50% of the cost, get the performance of two ordinary uv flatbed printers;

      Disadvantages of upgradeable uv flatbed printers:

      1. subject to the type of nozzle type: generally the same model of the same series of nozzle upgrades, can not be interspersed. For example, the Toshiba nozzle machine was originally upgraded to the Ricoh nozzle machine. It is better to buy a new one;

      2.subject to the number of nozzles: upgradeable, but also depends on the requirements of the corresponding motherboard program, generally upgrade to 16 even if the top is equipped, there are very few upgrades with 32 or more;

      The upgradeable uv flatbed printer is suitable for the crowd:

      1. It has a certain amount of orders, and it will be considered in advance that the amount of orders will increase in the future;

      2. There are restrictions on the venue and personnel, and planning in advance to save money.

      In general, the upgradeable uv flatbed printer is an upgrade within the structural framework of the whole machine. It is not the operation of elongating, widening, and pulling the original machine. These are not feasible and will seriously damage the stability of the machine.

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