"Little Marathon Cart" UV Flatbed Printer

         The "small horse cart" type UV flatbed printer refers to a low core configuration, but it is loaded on a large-sized device, which on the surface caters to the consumer's psychology, and spends the same or less money to buy a bigger one. There is a psychological advantage. However, in essence, marketing packaging that is not understood by the consumer professional field is carried out.

"Little Marathon Cart" UV Flatbed Printer

         The "small horse cart" type UV flatbed printer has the following four defects:

         1. The mechanical and physical accuracy is very low: the larger the UV flatbed printer, the higher the physical accuracy and the lower the error, the added cost of each process will rise linearly, such as platform, screw gantry milling, each time the cost is large several thousand. However, if this is not done, large-size materials or high-speed printing will easily cause pattern misalignment, offset, and pattern paste. In fact, this type of machine is low in price. How can it be invested in hardware so much? Since the printing yield of large materials cannot be guaranteed, in fact, users do not have to choose.

       2. The supporting parts have poor performance and short lifespan: The core configuration of the “Little Mara Cart” type UV flatbed printer is to continue the practice of small machines, but it is hard to lengthen and enlarge the size. Without further improving the performance of other supporting components, it will only increase the load of these components, making them unstable and faster, and causing frequent failures.

       3. "Post-upgrade" is just a routine: I believe that users who have consulted this type must have heard from the salesperson. You see that it is more cost-effective to buy this type of machine, and the output in the later period has gone up. You do n’t need to worry about anything, and install a few more nozzles. , The configuration is upgraded. This kind of basically impossible to achieve, high-profile UV flatbed printers will inevitably require the performance of its supporting components to keep up, the whole body, the motherboard are all supporting, not universal. If you change these, you might as well buy a new UV flatbed printer directly.

       4. The depreciation rate is very high: This UV flatbed printer that accelerates the loss of machine parts and components will reduce the original normal use for 2 years to 1 year and 3 years to 2 years. In the later second-hand transfer process, if the use period exceeds 2 years, it can only be treated as a waste product. And whether anyone wants it is still a big question.

       The "small horse cart" type UV flatbed printer has the following three characteristics. After the identification is clear, consider carefully whether to buy.

       1. The width is small and the length is large. The proportion of the two is large.

       2. The nozzle configuration is very low. If you do not understand the technical parameters of the nozzle's physical structure, ignition frequency, nozzle hole, width, gray, etc., simply look at the price. If you don't need a machine for 100,000, the price of one nozzle is only 2,000.

      3. Look at the brand, model and power of the parts. If you don't understand, you can take a photo, write it down in the book, go back online to find it, or consult someone who understands this.

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