Digital foil craft for mobile phone shell

       Mobile phone case digital foil technology is a new high value-added processing technology based on UV digital printing. As we all know, the UV (gold and silver) inks are immature. On the one hand, the price is too expensive. On the other hand, the gold and silver particles in the ink are too large, which can easily block the nozzle. This also led to the fact that the patterns printed by UV in gold and silver can only be formulated by other inks, and spot colors performed poorly.

Digital foil craft for mobile phone shell

       The digital foil technology of the mobile phone case solves this problem at a lower cost. Without clogging the nozzle, only a small amount of cost and a process can be added to achieve a high value-added effect. The operation process is as follows:

      1. The sample pattern is a photo of a lion, using vector graphics, pixels above 300dpi, and editing on a UV flatbed printer Photoshop.

2. Rip processing, a technology that transfers the production data to the UV flatbed printer correctly and converts the data.

      3. The printed mobile phone case is placed in the mold, and the placement position is deviated.

      4. Wipe fingerprints or dust with a non-woven cloth dipped in alcohol.

      5, print the primer, do not let it dry, it is a semi-solid state.

6, put the foil for transfer, place the foil film cut slightly larger than the phone case on the phone case, while supporting the phone case to prevent it from moving, rub vigorously with a rivet brush!

 7, tear off the foil film, in addition to gold foil, you can also silver foil, holographic foil

      8. Perform color printing on the foil, mount the cell phone case with the foil transferred on the UV flatbed printer again, and then perform color printing on it. By printing in color on foil, metallic color effects can be obtained.

Processed in 0.007149 Second.