Gold and silver pearl powder spraying process for mobile phone shell

        The process of spraying gold and silver pearl powder on the phone case refers to the ordinary UV color printing. In order to express a special pattern effect, the surface of the phone shell is sprayed with gold and silver pearl powder to increase the added value. The operation is simple. The steps are as follows:


       1.Required tools

       Water basin, towels to wipe moisture, sponges for cleaning, and gold or silver or pearl powder for lacquer painting.

       2.Put gold powder on the sponge

      Place the gold powder on the sponge and tap the printed primer area. If you can't get close to each other, try to press them a little harder.

      Note: Because the particles of gold powder are very small and light, they can easily adhere to various parts. Please prepare clothing or space that is fine even if it is dirty.

      3.Please wear gloves when working

      4. Rinse away excess gold powder

      After the gold powder adheres to the primer uniformly and without omissions, please wash it carefully in a water basin. After washing, the mobile phone box should wipe off the moisture.

       5.Color printing on top of gold dust

      The gold-coated mobile phone case was reinstalled on a UV flatbed printer, and color printing was performed thereon. The color ink penetrates the base material, for example, if it is printed with red ink, it will become red metal.

       6.Printing is complete

       After the pattern unit is completed, do not scrape it directly with your hand / knife, or directly contact with Tiannashui / alcohol, etc. It will be better after half an hour.

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