Acrylic Gift Decoration Crafts

        Common acrylic is usually made into a sign, which is printed on a UV flatbed printer to make an indoor or outdoor billboard. In addition, if you increase its added value, you can also increase the creative cutting process, make gifts and decorations suitable for birthdays or weddings, and increase market prices.

Production Method:

Acrylic Gift Decoration Crafts

       1. Make color version data, make white version data that match the color version data, and make cutting data. The above three data should be edited and processed in UV flat printer color software and cutting machine control software.

       2. Keep the protective film and cut the acrylic board with a laser knife;

       3. Remove the protective film on the back, place the acrylic plate on the UV flatbed printer, and perform mirror printing in the order of the color version and the white version.

       4. The finished acrylic gift is assembled.

       Suggestions: Print some patterns on the periphery of the acrylic parts and give them as gifts in an unassembled state; if you print acrylic, you need to use hard UV ink; if it is imported acrylic, considering the problem of adhesion, you need to wipe the special acrylic coating.

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