UV flatbed printer main system and workflow

       UV flatbed printers, UV flatbed all-in-one printers, UV cylindrical printers and other UV printing equipment all use mainstream on-demand inkjet technology, of which piezoelectric inkjet methods occupy more than 90% of them. Common nozzles on the market are Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, Kyocera nozzles, and so on.

       UV flat printing system is mainly composed of image processing system, servo motor and control system, ink path negative pressure control system, UV curing equipment, suction vacuum platform, and cooling system. The main functions of each system are as follows:

      1. Image processing system: responsible for pattern editing, drawing, rip, etc. Common softwares include photoshop, monte, etc .

      2. Servo motor and control system: control the movement of the cart in the x, y, and z directions;

      3. Ink road negative pressure control system: responsible for UV ink supply and ensuring normal ink transmission. The negative pressure system currently widely uses automatic negative pressure adjustment to avoid the problem of unstable ink supply caused by manual price adjustment of negative pressure.

      4. UV curing equipment: Responsible for curing and drying UV ink on the surface of the material. The mainstream is UV curing with led lamps, and a small amount of high temperature baking with mercury lamps.

      5. Suction vacuum platform: on the one hand, the placement of printed materials, on the other hand, the suction function can fix the soft material well, avoiding the nozzle to be scratched when it is tilted.

      6. Cooling system: It is used to dissipate the core components of the equipment to avoid situations such as rapid aging, decreased performance and unstable operation due to excessive temperature. Commonly have water cooling cycle and air cooling cycle.

      Due to the different equipment manufacturing processes of different manufacturers, there are different changes in different links, but generally follow the process in the figure for reference only. In the actual printing process of the UV flatbed printer, the printing quality of the material is realized by combining the printing environment, printing speed, feathering, image processing system and nozzle movement system, etc. This part depends on the training of the manufacturer On the other hand, it comes from the continuous accumulation of experience.

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